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Founded in 2010, Dolceola Recordings is a music label focused on analog field recording of American traditional music.

Our first field recording trip was back in 2015 to Gee’s Bend, Alabama.

Since then, we have been doing analog field recordings with Ampex 601 and RCA 77DX so that we are able to capture every single detail of the performance by musicians in good ol’ way. Our recordings include bunch of legends such as Lee Sexton, George Gibson, R.L. Boyce, Betty Smith, Clyde Davenport, Jimmy Duck Holmes, Duwayne Burnside, David Kimbrough Jr., Robert Kimbrough Sr. and many others.

It is our mission to document current situation of wonderful community-based music in the United States, which is one of the most beautiful American cultures, with love and adoration for Alan Lomax, Chris Strachwitz, George Mitchell, Art Rosenbaum and many of great field recorders.


We are also managing The Danny Smith Project, an alternative rock band based in Tokyo.

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