RL Boyce



Date: 3/22/2016

Place: Como MS

Today we were diving into the deepest south - Como MS.
We visited the one and only Blues guitarist R.L. Boyce - also a drummer, and nephew of the legendary fife player Othar Turner.

He invited us to his house with a gentle smile, and played some boogies and spirituals. He even taught us how to play his boogie!
His style was really primitive, free, and had a super strong beat. It reminded me of older greats such as Fred McDowell, who was also from Como MS. And I didn't even imagine that I could experience this kind of very old, traditional and authentic country blues style. We know his style is really unique, but it also has a strength which came from Delta Blues tradition, and that was so touching.
And look at these pics, he looks really really cool!!!!
Thanks RL, hope to see you soon!