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Clyde Davenport



Date: 3/24/2016

Place: Monticello KY

14 hour-drive from Lafayette to a small town in Kentucky... Was so tough but we had to do that as this was one of biggest missions in this trip.
We met 94 year-old legendary fiddler Clyde Davenport.

He and his wife Loraine gave us warmest welcome and played some of his favorites with his Hong Kong made fiddle!
"Five Miles From Town", "Getting Up Stairs", "Lost John", "Last of Callahan", "Sally Goodwin" "Shortening Bread" - was such a great moment to hear these tunes he had been loving for a long time.
He also told us many stories - about his life, about tunes he used to play, and about the fiddler in Missouri who came to his house years ago.
"He played some tunes and he was the worst fiddler in the world!"

Basically there are almost no chances for us Japanese to meet old legends such as him. I was such as lucky and happy guy.
And, these words of his were enough to make me cry.
"You know I'm turning 95 in coming October and I'm still doing good."

We would like to thank Bobby Fulcher at Sandrock Recordings to make this happen.
He has been keeping a deep friendship with Clyde for decades, and released his CD from his label.

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