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Cajun Jam at Blue Moon Saloon



Date: 3/23/2016

Place: Blue Moon Saloon, Lafayette LA

Allons danser mademoiselle!!
Last night we got way down south to the bottom of the States, Louisiana, and recorded weekly Cajun Jam at Blue Moon Saloon.

It is always nice to experience community based music such as local music jam. It is actually much more than music for people, it makes them comfortable, joyful, sometimes sentimental or sad, and it gives them power to get back to work the next day.

There were a bunch of performers out there - from 20 to 80, fiddle, guitar, accordion, bass, triangle, and even 5-string banjo!
Everybody enjoyed playing music, dancing along their music and that was awesome.
Sometimes everything went so high unexpectedly and something started to swirl all around the venue, which made us feel like we were in the swamp.

Think we could capture a part of that "something" with our recorder.
Thanks guys at the venue.

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