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Clifton Hicks



Date: 3/25/2016

Place: Near Copperhill TN

We finally got to the last stop - Copperhill TN.
We met a young banjo picker / folk artist Clifton Hicks at his house, and recorded several tunes, including rare ones which he learned from legendary banjo player in Eastern Kentucky, George Gibson.

Thanks to him it was the most relaxed recording in this trip. His 2 dogs were so friendly. He showed us his hens, a shack which former residents used, and his large yard.
He also showed us his craft studio and guns he made.
Was first time for me to hold a gun..

He played having moonshine during the recording :)
I was so glad to hear tunes which he learned from older generations like George. That was how we preserved traditions and was so beautiful.
Thanks Clif, Robyn, Mexico and Copper!

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